We never compromise on our deep expertise in optics, and even though Inface is fast and modern, this launch is also characterized by its high-quality materials with premium acetate and allergy-friendly titanium.



It’s time to feel the beet. BEETROOT is the latest icon in the Inface universe. A unisex frame, rooted in an expressive design, yet still pointing forward in time. You’ll notice its characteristic double-bridge and the coloured front with titanium temples. After that, you’ll quickly fall in love with the five new colours, ranging from more classic tones such as the industrial grey, the version in gold or the vibrant options.


Cultivated, commercial, confident, CARROT. We’re introducing a frame that is a quintessential classic. CARROT is a rectangular shape made for the discerning gentleman. It’s a safe choice for all the right reasons, but at the same time a sophisticated shape that fits most outfits. Get it in fresh classic colours: Red, black, green, grey or a fresh blue.


Vibrant and fresh: Here’s KIWI. Just like many of our other titanium frames, it’s defined by a characteristic, edgy and contemporary shape — and a two-tone design that truly sets it apart. The bright and lively outside colour is accentuated by elegant anthracite inside. We are introducing two new, subdued colours to compliment the rest: A darker green and a vibrant turquoise.


The three funky fruits and legumes in this juicy concept bowl are a true colour explosion, perfect for
those with great taste. The light and allergy friendly titanium frame has a clean and minimalistic look, which
the sheet construction compliments perfectly. Like most fruits, the frames have two colours: a bright colour on the outside, and a dark anthracite on the inside.


Say hi to RADISH. It’s defined by its classic panto shape in clean, light-weight titanium, but don’t worry — this is far from being an average safe choice. The vivid, fresh colour range adds lots of personality and quirkiness to the safe shape, which leaves this eyewear with attitude impossible to overlook. Now, we’re adding two commercial colour for broader appeal: A gold and a dark grey.