Working with few, but strong concepts, Inface can react rapidly on the upcoming megatrends, we spot on social media. This way we ensure, our collections are always fresh and reflect the fashion trends of tomorrow.



Get ready for KEEN — our fresh take on unisex eyewear. With its distinctive double bridge, it blends our love for retro vibes with the pulse and aesthetic of todays fashion. This new addition to our lineup is crafted for those with an appreciation for classic style, but a desire for modern flair and daring design touches. Ranging from classic Havana to a dynamic blue/neon combination KEEN offers it all: Classic or courageous.


Lights, camera, action! Step into the spotlight with FAMOUS — our latest creation that's as bold and expressive as the personalities it's inspired by. This new shape is a clear tribute to those who want to shine just a bit extra. The 70’s inspired shape and modern sharp edges are accompanied by a high and voluminous end-piece giving the frame its unique look. 


Well, excuse these two new personalities — made specifically for the FEISTY concept. We are introducing two new colour versions in deep blue and brown combinations. FEISTY is the bold, edgy family who adores the retro look, comes in a clean acetate construction, making plenty of room for the fierce shapes and colours to knock down doors and steal the spotlight. 


Ramp it up for RADICAL. We’re adding new colour combinations to one of the true spectacles in our Acetate collection. With its unique square shape and exciting colour combinations, RADICAL is always more than a frame. It’s an eye-catching statement. This season we are adding two complimentary acetate combinations; havana and black/blue - and one toned down with a fresh inside — calm, yet fresh and stylish.


Embrace the elegance and retro-feel of LIKELY — a frame that is defined by its square and oversized design. LIKELY is an elegant frame that makes a confident statement because of its size, but still carries sophistication by carrying obvious retro references. This season, we’re adding two new and more toned down colours, that supplements and broadens the existing collection perfectly.


Forget all about toned-down, with BOUNCY it is okay to stand out from the crowd. This edgy and fun shape has a low bridge which adds extra character to the face. The colours are outstanding; playful and bold. Get ready to bounce away and draw attention.


CLEVER is a classic panto shape, and it oozes of intellect. A retro-inspired frame with a keyhole bridge, but don’t worry; CLEVER is far from old-fashioned. With a wild acetate colour choice this cool concept is a clash between the new and the old school.


This edgy rectangular shape takes confidence to wear. CONFIDENT has a strong and clean appearance, and the colours radiate courage and personality, with fierce details like horizontal stripes, wild orange, and neon temples.


FRIENDLY is the calm, easy-going choice of eyewear. A delicate butterfly shape that opens the eye and loosens up the face. Depending on your style, you can choose between the vivid, colourful FRIENDLY or a more laid back, tone-in-tone version.